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I think about politics, cybernetics, general systems theory, playwrighting, theology, and parenting.


This site consists of five pages of reflections which are copyright, but available for download:

Politics - presents the book Green Rising: An alternative future. It contains The Green Manifesto.

Systems Theory - presents The General Theory of Systems and a set of videos on systems themes available on Youtube.

Plays - downloading them does not constitute a license to produce the play, for that they require a small royalty. Permissions can be obtained by writing to the gmail account johannson.robert.

Theology - presents a Holistic Christian Theology, and a couple of my recent sermons on the collapse of the United Church of Canada and reasons for hope.

Blog - is a space for my occasional comments and letters to the editor.

Books - indicates some of my books that are available for sale from Berserkr Press.



Coming soon . . .

. . .  some links to radio shows that I've been on.


& Articles

I have taken to writing letters to the editor.

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