I think about politics, cybernetics, general systems theory, playwrighting, theology, and parenting.


This site consists of five pages of reflections which are copyright, but available for download:

Politics - presents the book Green Rising: An alternative future. It contains The Green Manifesto.

Systems Theory - presents The General Theory of Systems and a set of videos on systems themes available on Youtube.

Plays - downloading them does not constitute a license to produce the play, for that they require a small royalty. Permissions can be obtained by writing to the gmail account johannson.robert.

Theology - presents a Holistic Christian Theology, and a couple of my recent sermons on the collapse of the United Church of Canada and reasons for hope.

Blog - is a space for my occasional comments and letters to the editor.

Books - indicates some of my books that are available for sale from Berserkr Press.



Coming soon . . .

. . .  some links to radio shows that I've been on.


& Articles

I have taken to writing letters to the editor.

Race and Social Class

Often people are being discriminated against on the basis of some ethnic, racial or gender characteristic because it serves as a class si...

Medium not the message

What Nahon-Serfaty says is quite true. “The Medium is the Message” is nonsense. And McLuhan did try to retract it by saying that what he ...

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